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Breathwork & Cold Exposure
Benny is a fully accredited Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage and Cold Exposure Facilitator who works full-time delivering workshops based on these practices, along with a variety of other breathwork techniques that support mental, emotional, and physical health and fitness. His transformational Breath and Ice workshops have helped thousands of people, and they are accessible to anyone who can breathe. Benny regularly facilitates monthly public workshops and is also available for private 1:1 sessions, community/high school events, private small groups, corporate groups, and retreats.
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Olivia is a naturopath and clinical nutritionist who expertly combines naturopathic philosophy with scientific knowledge to provide a fully integrated, personalised and wholistic approach to health and wellness. Olivia's philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of nature cure, which emphasises the use of clean food, water, sun exposure, movement, breath, connection to nature, and community to support the body's self-healing processes.
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