simple ways, simple days

A health space underpinned by connection and growth

Led by husband and wife duo Benny and Olivia, Sol House Studio is bringing nature back into mainstream health.
Our dynamic practice and educational space features a rotating cast of practitioners, each bringing their unique expertise and perspective to our community in scientifically proven, nature based and inspired therapies. We're not your typical health space – we're a place of learning, upleveling, and never-ending evolution. We believe that we do better when we know better, and we're committed to offering educational opportunities and workshops that empower our community to take control of their own health and well-being, for good. That’s us – stay a while.
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Our Studio.

Our premium workshop and co-working space is in the making. With the appreciation of growth and development throughout life at the heart of all that we do, no two days will be the same at Sol House Studio. This attitude is reflected in our workshops and personal sessions. As the destination to bridge your knowledge of alternative therapies, you can expect a movingly-unique experience upon each visit. And if you are a health or growth focused practitioner looking for a premium workshop space that’s tailored to your event – we’ve got you covered there too.