breathwork & cold exposure

Breath & Ice Public Workshops
Led by certified Wim Hof Method Instructor Benny, our Breath & Ice Public Workshops have been rendered as ‘groundbreaking’, by countless attendees. In these workshops you will learn to utilise oxygen and cold exposure to optimise your mind-body connection, and the underlying physiological changes that occur during both practices. You will gain a deep understanding of stress and fear, and you will move through both of these states throughout the workshop.
Breath & Ice Private Workshops
Benny’s private Breath & Ice Workshops are designed to cater to the needs of your group size and time. Akin to the three-hour public sessions, our private workshops follow a similar framework. This structure suits 1:1, couples, small groups, retreats and corporate teams. Contact for more information.
For Sporting Clubs, Gyms
Benny regularly facilitates his sessions to amateur and semi-professional sporting teams, gyms and other community groups. If this is you, please reach out for a tailored package.
Functional Breath Training
Re-training functional breath patterns is an integral part of performance for athletes, growth in youth and adolescents, and for anyone who is post nasal or airway surgery. As an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor, Benny provides 1:1 sessions to evaluate your current breathing patterns and gives tangible tools to help develop optimal breathing.
For Schools
In association with The Healthy Minds Club, Sol House Studio presents Sol House Academy. Here we facilitate short workshops for school students that include discussion, breathwork and for senior students, optional cold immersion. Our goal is to expand the life toolbox of young adults with skills that elevate holistic wellbeing, empower personal growth and promote self agency.